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Okay, Migraine == drugs == bouncy legs from the caffeine. Ooops, I guess an Excedrin Tension Headache was too much, but at least my head isn’t pounding as much. I still don’t think I’ll be moving around any time soon, that makes the stabbing start again!

Except, ick, the water sitting next to my desk (probably from last night) was stale tasting. Now I’m gonna have to get back up because I drank everything within reaching distance - the new glass from this afternoon and my cherry coke from this evening!

Its weird, I was having a fairly regular migraine on certain days for multiple months in a row, but this is the first one in the last few months, so that’s pretty cool. Whatever I was doing, I wish I knew so I could keep doing it. smile Although the trees are budding again, and this always makes me a bit allergetic (yes, I know that isn’t a word!) even though they are so beautiful that I love this time of the year! flower

I do so like my clip on fan above my desk because I can point it right at my head and it feels so good when I have a headache, migraine or not!

Yes, migraines must make me babbly, because dude, this post is crazy!!


It may be a crazy post, but I love you anyway, babe. laughing Yeah for Cherry Cokes (I drink the diet ones now, but they’re still good)! fishy

I’m glad you said it, because I was going to comment that this post was a little crazy. ;) ha ha!