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stupid reunion

Reason #59323 that I don’t want to go to my high school reunion weekend*. This morning, I got an email on the class mailing list with the schedule for the alumni weekend - 10th year class is in charge of vespers on friday night, and several of them got together to plan the service. The schedule lists me as one of the speakers for the night. Freakin' A. What is this, "lets tell Kristine she’s doing it, she’s too dependable to say no"?? NO. No. nooooooooo...

I’m writing back to say something like this... If I do feel well enough to attend any of the reunion weekend, it will be Saturday morning’s service, and I won’t be doing any speaking.

*I have a re-occurring nightmare about being back at high school because I didn’t pass the first time. Everyone is just as mean as they were to me then, and recently, those dreams have included the reunion. So I’m already not wanting to go.


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I’m suddenly reminded of Full House as my first reaction to this post was "How rude!". My second reaction was, "Dang, high school was 10 years ago? How did that happen?".

I think writing to them to let them know you won’t be speaking is a good idea, and I’d probably even add in a bit about how you could have told them that in advance if they had simply asked you. I can’t even imagine putting someone’s name down for a task without asking him/her first.

aww, I’d be flattered if I was picked... but if you don’t really want to go, I can see how that would be a problem. confused good luck whatever you do.

I can’t believe they didn’t ask you if you wanted to speak or not. I’m with Brandy... How Rude!

On a side note, I didn’t attend my 10 year reunion, and I don’t regret it a bit. That was then, this is now. All the people I was close with then, I’m still close with now. So there’s no reason to go back. smile

I hope you figure everything out. smile

That is WAY rude, inconsiderate and downright crappy. I didn’t go to my ten year reunion either. Lame. A ton of people I haven’t seen since high school Yammering on about how cool they used to be... good times.
You know who your real friinds are....there’s no need to speak for or frolick with people who don’t give a hoot about you.
It’s been almost 12 years for me and I have no intention of going to a class reunion unless it’s my husband’s.

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