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busy stuff and clothes

I’ve been busy this week. Between project ideas that keep popping into my head, I’ve actually left the house a few times. Tuesday night to go out with my boy to Red Robyin. And then Megan was done with classes this week early because next week is test week, so we went out for lunch on Wednesday, and then proceeded to do some shopping. She found some new running shoes and I got a Exercise Ball because I think I can do some nice gentle exercises with it even with my cfids and fibro. Leonard has one (its Leah’s now, since they bounce her on it to put her to sleep!) and it was really nice for easy stretching when I played with it. Then we decided to head over towards the mall for a short trip... smile We looked at the adorable and spendy Nordstroms baby clothes on our way in, because everything seems cuter when imagining Leah in it. smile

And then we walked down to Lane Bryant. Oh, such beautiful things. So we browsed around for a while and I found some Satin-trimmed cargo pants (in Pebble) that were so adorable. Then I started picking up a few other things to try on, and it all snowballed. The ladies in the store didn’t have many people in there on a wednesday night, and so they were finding me other things they thought would look good and getting me diff sizes and stuff. I decided that I loved this Floral-embroidered denim jacket. Its even prettier on than it is in the picture. And we decided that I was the only one in our family that could get away with wearing flowers on my jacket without looking silly. :giggle: That made us want to find some pink shirts to go with. And even though the Stretch Surplice Top (in New Pink) wasn’t the one I had on at first, as soon as I put it on, I knew it was perfect. It has the same color pink it in as the jacket and fits me like it was made for me. And I actually have boobs these days so it was filled out even. blush The first shirt I tried on with the khakis was a red shirt, and I have to admit, I can’t help but love red. They were on sale if you bought 2 of them - the red and Stretch V-neck tee the shown light yellow. Finally, to round out the nice/casual balance, a beautiful white linen-y wrap around shirt was glorious and so flattering. The joy of it? All of these things are items that can be paired with at least two other things for different outfits. I did get Real Women Dollars, but I’m not sure I’m up for spending any more money or another trip to the mall quite yet. I can’t see that I can use them online.

Maybe I’ll do some modeling and take some pictures for you all tomorrow. smile

I think I’m really set for the spring now. Maybe one more pair of pants or capris or shorts towards the summer, but I’m good on shirts and that was the major thing lacking in my wardrobe. Maybe a new pair of sandles since mine are from my sophomore year of college. It was a delightful time out with Megan, and I’m looking forward to her Spring break coming up too!


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I want to go shopping with you! I went shopping with a friend on Tuesday and came very close to buying that jean jacket. I loved it.

Instead I bought the crossover V-neck tee (also on sale 2/$29) in new pink (We match! LOL) and ruby red. I wanted petal pink, but they were out of that color completely. I have a thing for three-quarter length sleeves lately, so I wasn’t interested in the regular tees where they did have my coveted petal pink. I also bought some yellow and green striped pajama pants even though I have a million pairs of pajama pants already. They’re just so comfy. I really need some shorts and a skirt or two, but I didn’t see anything at Lane Bryant that really grabbed me. Yay for new clothes! heart

Nothing like buying new clothes to make a girl feel good! fishy prheart

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