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sudsational art

I’ve finally made the big time. A drawing I made is on a t-shirt! And I’ve got one to prove it. smile

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Sudsational here, but they are one of my design clients. The company is run by a really nice lady, Chelsey, and she makes all of her products herself. Its a great home business.

I did the original site design/programming and now I do periodic updates for the owner. I *love* how the design turned out. The bathtub girl makes me smile, and now she’s on my shirt!

I got a nice variety of soaps, bath bombs, lotion, and candles in the package too. She makes such yummy smelling and beautiful stuff!

sudsshirt   sudsshirt /></a>   <a href=sudstuff

So yeah, if you want, go and check out the site. I’m too proud to keep it to myself!


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Oh, that’s so cute! And her products look lovely. smile

That’s really cute, I like the bath tub lady. Is that the same lady you drew before? laughing

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