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Right now, its not all confirmed or describing all of Leonard’s symptoms, but the diagnosis at the moment is Congenital Heart Disease. Mom always told us that Leonard and I have heart murmurs, but I’ve never had a doctor notice it, so I figured it was something when we were little that never developed into anything serious. I guess that Leonard’s was more serious, but didn’t show up as a problem until now.

They’ve got him on oxygen and still doing some tests and aren’t sure how the tinglyness and other symptoms fit in.

I’m hoping we’ll go visit when E gets home. If nothing else, Sarah could use a hug. smile And Leah had bananas last night and has been fussy every since. I’ve been printing some pictures of her from the last few months that they didn’t have yet from my camera to bring along.


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{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} Geez, girlie. I hope things get better for Leonard soon. I’ll be thinking about all of you.

Where’s Leah staying? Great idea about bringing pics, I bet that will be great for both of them!

I hope that things get better for Leonard soon.

I hope Leonard feels much better soon!

I just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts. I hope everything turns out well and Leonard is feeling better soon.

yikes. hope you guys get some answers soon. i’m thinking of you guys, i am really glad that L is at OHSU though because they know their stuff up there. hang in there!

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