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creepy crawly

I just hate it when I see a spider around my desk, and then don’t catch him fast enough to squish him. And then I knew he’s still crawling around somewhere and that next time I see him, he might be crawling up my leg or something.

Deep thoughts. wink bug wink


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Be careful and don’t get bitten! laughing

Oh geez, I’ll be watching out for spiders all day now. My desk at work gets them all the time. Eeeck! blush

Eep... I hate that!!! I once did that and I was sitting on my feet for the entire night, because I was so afraid it was going to be in my pant leg the next time I found him.

Hehe. I’m one of those who will rescue them on bits of paper and release them to the wild. Spider’s don’t make my skin crawl, but the thought of squished spider on my desk does! laughing

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