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proud auntie

Leonard called me this afternoon, and said that Leah’s first tooth popped out today! Its so funny, because Megan was feeling around in her mouth yesterday for teeth, and foolin' around, and no teeth. laughing So tooth one at 7 1/2 months - from the sites I looked at, that’s fairly normal. smile

It was so cute, this weekend, she was playing with her tongue. We’d stick our tongues out at her, and then she’d do it back. Leonard touched her tongue a few times, and from that point on, she wanted to keep her tongue sticking out. Now we are betting that it had something to do with her tooth coming in. smile

This isn’t brand new, but its one of the cuter ones that I hadn’t posted on snap yet.

Don’t you just want to kiss her round cheeks??!! smile


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so looks so great, and how exciting about the teeth!

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