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happy weekend!

Yes, its the weekend again! smile I like having E home for a few days. smile A few random posts that I’ve been writing in my head. They each probably could take up a whole entry, but since my brain is a bit slow tonight, its all gonna be one big post. wink

There’s a book under my pillow. Since right around Christmastime, I’ve been reading more. I decided to reread a bunch of my favorite Jude Deveraux books, and its just delightful. I started with the series ones (Twin of Fire/Ice, The James River Trilogy, and then the Velvet books.) Now I think I’ll go on to any of the ones about the Montgomerys, because I’m in that mood. I love it when I’m enjoying good books, it makes me happy inside. Even if they are ones I’ve read a hundred times. In fact, those are the most relaxing anyhow!

A mirrored week. Monday, I did a lot of brain-work—updating Money and my accounts, some setup stuff to get ready for taxes, and in between, some housework. Tuesday, I was absolutely exhausted. Wednesday, Matthew came over, and I did a lot of stuff—cooked dinner and cookies, and we put all the Christmas stuff away. So Thursday, I was absolutely exhausted again. And today, I did more brain-work; more MT-based instead of person this time. Let’s hope tomorrow isn’t another really tired day.

Perceptions of love-productions. If you didn’t know what love-productions was, what kind of a company would you think it is? I’ve had several people who I’ve told in person what my company name is, and they’ve kinda laughed at it. Its true, I’ve been signing LOVE next to my name since I was like 9, and then several years later, the "productions" was added because it sounded cool. But am I giving off the wrong vibe by having love in my company name? I really don’t just do girly designs and I definitely don’t do p*rn designs. I think that the incidents I’ve had have made me a bit more sheepish about the name, but telling people that my company name is blogstyles isn’t any more descriptive unless they know what a blog is. Hmmm. I don’t have answers for my questions, just ponderances. heart

Newsfeed reading. I’ve been behind since last week when E was home for most of the week (too much ice and snow). Which is why there was such a big pile of lovelinks entries the other night. smile I was trying to catch up, and then I got sidetracked updating my OPML files for mt-plugins ’s resource and links page, as well as playing with the Share Your OPML site I’ve seen linked in several blogs lately.

I have multiple tutorials going through my head right now, and one of them half way written up. I’ve spent a lot of time in the MT forums the last few weeks. Way more than I’ve spent reading or writing blogs. And a script I’m writing for myself to add stylesheets to Blogstyles is almost working now! Wow! For some reason, I haven’t learned much about forms until now. So I feel smart. smile

Oh, and I beat Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, but I’m playing it through on challenge mode now. What a fun game! I decided I really wanted to add reviews to Amazon for the things I really like, so I started with this one.

Happy weekend, my friends. I’m looking forward to visiting sites and re-connecting with my friends after a busy holiday season. blush


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Happy weekend to you to, hon! fishy

I think since it’s so established that Love Productions is a fine name. I’m not sure where you’re using it that you’re having confusion over, but several companies have a short description added to the end of them (I don’t know what it’s called). Something like "Love Productions: A Web Design Company" might be more helpful.

i don’t think i ever thought anything bad about love productions....hmmm. i figured you were just a very loving person. smile

I really like Love Productions, and I’ve never thought it was a strange name. If you feel like it needs to be clarified, then I think Lynda’s suggestion is a good compromise. Happy weekend! heart

Well, I’m personally rather attached to love productions. LOL Remember when I was in HS, maybe 16, and we had that idea for love productions being a wedding planning company, for fics? It was so long ago, I think we discussed Cassie and Kevin on OLTL! LOL Anyway, I think the name suits you and doesn’t limit the things that you do in any way. It’s a just a name, and a nice one at that.heart

I’ve always been good at picking out company names and one of those people that is puzzled if a name doesn’t seem to "match" a company in my mind. For me, "Love Productions" sounds like it has something to do with love. I would assume it has to do with weddings - whether it be websites or a wedding photographer. I’m quirky like that. However, it is established enough now that those in the blog community probably know what it means.

I really enjoyed Jude Devereaux’s Montgomery books. I read the Velvet series, but my favorite was A Knight in Shining Armor. I also really enjoyed Legend. Have fun. I may have to pick those up again sometime, too.

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