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My goodness. My mother has the "ability" to make me flustered more than anyone. She asked me at the start of the quarter if Matthew could come and spend one evening a week over here. She’s got a class three nights a week, and with dad on the road all the time, that would leave Matthew alone a lot. So she asked Sarah and Leonard if Matthew could come over on Tuesdays, and me if he could come here on Wednesdays. Even though it was borderline whether I’d be able to keep him entertained the whole evening when I wasn’t feeling well (last night I was SO tired), I agreed.

She told me, and I wrote on my message board, that Matthew would come around 5:30 to give her time to get to her class at 6. Which was gonna make it close to the time that E comes home, so if I wasn’t feeling well, it wouldn’t be too hard on me.

So what does she do today? Called at 3 saying that they’d be over soon. Huh?! I haven’t showered today, and half my clothes are in the washer. Moreless thought about dinner.

Its not that I mind Matthew coming over. I don’t. I just wish my mom was a little more respectful. She doesn’t listen to what I saw about how sick I am; its a challenge to make it to dinner with them every weekend. I wake up between noon and one every day, and make sure to take a rest period sometime between 2 and 4.

And its not like this is the only time its happened. Its a regular issue. Bah.


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I’m so sorry. Moms have a way of making their daughters' lives INTENSE - good OR bad - in ways that no one else can master. I’m sorry that at least in this, your Mom is such a pain.

You’re a good sister, and a good daughter. Take heart in that. smile

*hugs* I hope your mom comes to an understanding about the way you’re feeling now. Even if it seems like she isn’t listening, maybe telling her again and again what you can and can’t do will eventually get through to her. You’re in my thoughts. luvyasmile

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