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e bday and stuff

happy birthday to my lovely husband Eric. smile

We went out for a birthday burger (he got a free one for his birthday) at Red Robyin, and they even sang to him and gave him balloons and a sundae. smile It was fun, and yummy too.

I wore a red ribbon in my hair tonight. I felt Christmassy. Its the same stuff from my tree. Which still doesn’t have all its ornaments on it. I feel like such a slacker. Its not like I’m having anyone over before Christmas to enjoy it, just for me. Still, I want it to look pretty for me. smile

I think that all my Christmas presents are here now. I have one more to order, but I had to wait until closer to Christmas since its being shipped directly there and I didn’t want it to arrive too soon before.

There are so many things I have to do between now and next week. My brother and Sarah got approved for their loan today, so they are moving either friday/saturday or monday after work. Christmas tree and all. smile We are going over for dinner with them tomorrow night either way. Then I’m gonna try and help with the actual moving when that happens. Birthday meal with all of my family sometime over the weekend to celebrate for E. And then I have to help with inventory on Monday or Tuesday at work. Leonard told mom that she needed to give me some of the money she owes me if I come in for work (its enough for a nice house down payment, if that tells you anything), so I’d be happy for a few hundred bucks even if that happens.

I got FIVE packages today between UPS, FedEx, and the mailbox. I had to take two trips to the mailbox/office to get them all! But I think that’s everything I ordered now, so I can start wrapping. Fun stuff! Our office looks like a giant tornado hit it because I have all the boxes on the floor in here. Well, like an even bigger tornado than normal. LOL!

E laughed at me when he saw I got a few more things for myself, but I couldn’t help it. I’ve been needing some stuff for months now, and this way, I saved shipping. Besides, I had over $100 in gift certificates that I used, so I shouldn’t feel bad. You know me, though, always worried about what other people think. New overalls and bras were oh-so-necessary though. The CD and panties maybe not so much, but hey, some of the new undies matched the bras. ;) The CD, I have no excuse! :music:


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Giggling at the spelling. Hope Eric had a wonderful birthday!

I hope Eric had a great b'day too.

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