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baby steps

This weekend was pretty relaxing and laid back. not too much accomplished, but I rested a lot. So my decorating is getting done really slowly. I got the lights on the tree this afternoon. Still no ornaments up or stuff on the mantle, but one step closer. smile And I got the oven cleaning started over the afternoon, so that puts the cleaning closer to being done.

E’s birthday is Wednesday. He has a free birthday burger coupon from Red Robin, so we’ll probably do that on his birthday, but I don’t think we’ve decided what to do with the whole family over the weekend. I suggested a meal here, but I’m not sure if that’s gonna be what he wants most. He suggested maybe Pizza Palace - he loves that. Or we could just do cake and ice cream with our regular family meal. I need to pin him down to something! smile

There was a new Las Vegas and Miss Match on tonight. I love both of those shows! They played a bit of Sarah’s new single, Fallen, at the end of Miss Match. It makes me want to listen to that song over and over, since its the only one I have from the album so far! smile Las Vegas wrote in Josh Duhamel’s hurt leg in real life by shooting him. LOL! Miss Match had Nathan Fillion on it.

Looks like the internet just went down over here. Too bad, I’ll just have to play my game for a while and come back to the things I’m doing.

[posting this morning now that the internet is back up.]


I completely forgot to watch Miss Match last night—Todd had MNF on! D'oh! If you ever get any free time, would you mind sending me a little summary...? Did they follow up to Friday night’s with the boyfriend and his ex in the hotel? *bangs head on keyboard for forgetting to watch it*