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i feel pretty

it was a pretty day. Inside me, not necessarily out in the rain and cold. smile

For some reason, I felt quite a bit better today. I got a lot done last night, and then woke up with some energy this afternoon. So I slowly put up Christmas lights between soaps, and I have my stairway lights and pine garland up on the stairs now. It looks glorious, and I can’t believe I waited until the 12th before putting them up; I could have been enjoying this for a week now if I had been on top of things!

After talking to my brother on the phone for a while, I took a shower and still felt good enough to put on clothes and leave the house. The scale says I’ve lost a little bit of weight, but I’m not sure. But I tried on my black jeans and wore them even though they are still tight. E came home, much happier than the last few nights, and agreed happily to go out with me.

We tried out the new Baja Fresh, which I’d never been to. It was really good! I asked for a side order of chips, and they brought a HUGE basket, so we tested salsas from the salsa bar. I’ve got a bunch left, so that will be fun for tomorrow. There’s a new Coldstone next door, and we couldn’t pass it up, so we shared their Holiday Cheer. Its Candy Cane ice cream with chocolate chips and fudge mixed in. It was so yummy.

On our way out of the complex, I saw a sign for what’s coming into the new area of construction in front of the theater... I thought I couldn’t get any luckier by The Spaghetti Factory coming to this intersection, but now, RED ROBIN is coming!!! Woooooo! I can’t seem to find any news about that development, but I’m sure that’s what the sign said. smile

I thought we could drive past the Hallmark and see if it was still open, and sure enough it was, so we went in to get my mom’s present and some tarts to go with Sarah’s. It was SO much fun walking through seeing all the cool things they had, its been a while since I’ve been in that kind of store. Funny enough, I can’t go in a Hallmark without thinking of cori smile

In the middle of writing this post, I played with taking some self portraits and then played with filters on them. I like this one almost enough to submit it to picture yourself!!

soft kristine
click for larger image

So between all that good stuff and happy music this evening, I’m smiling. Writing long link-happy posts is good too. I heart happy days. smile

[listening to Poe - Walk the Walk (4:50) ::Poe - Haunted::]
[listening to Natalie Imbruglia - Big Mistake (4:33) ::Left of the Middle::]
[listening to Sarah McLachlan - Fallen (3:46) ::Afterglow::]


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Oooo I love Red Robin. They make the best burgers and strawberry lemonade!

There’s a Red Robin in Fort Wayne, IN ... I don’t know if that’s the same restaurant you’re talking about, though. We’ll have to try it the next time we’re there. I saw it over Thanksgiving and thought of you! smile Glad you had a good day. Our banister was just installed on our stairs, and I’m thinking about putting some garland and lights on it. Maybe. Who knows! smile

Great picture. I love that soft focus.

Aww, you look beautiful! I can’t see hallmark commercials on TV without letting people know what they’re before it comes up. *sigh* I’m shackled to that place for life... they’re stuck with me wink

Have a beautiful day! heartflower

Aww, you look so pretty! I love that filter!

And I can never go into a Red Robin without thinking of you. heart

love that picture! post that puppy up! happy decorating!

That’s an awesome pic! We really need to get a Red RobYn down here in Florida! wink

I love that photo! Sounds like your decorating went well - I need to find the energy somewhere to do mine too!

What a cute photo! lollypop

Red Robin? It’s all about the plum sauce ;) Mmmmmmmmmmmm

i love u

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