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dreams and stuff

The last week and a half has been full of vivid dreams. My Ambien helps a lot with that, but it wears off too quickly sometimes. The problem is that the emotions that I have in my dreams are hard to squelch when I wake up. This morning, I was so stressed about having houseguests in my dream that I woke up with side pain. Its still feeling sore, 3 or 4 hours later. Of course, I’m now stressing about stressing. How can I stop having anxious dreams? I just don’t know the answer to that.

So I haven’t been too productive. I have some new holiday stylesheets that I made to put up on blogstyles, but instead of finishing them last night, I read about Battlestar Galactica instead. LOL!


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I’m not familiar with Ambien, but most sleep aids (and alcohol) suppress your REM cycles. Then when they wear off near morning, your REM sleep rebounds and that final REM cycle tends to produce very vivid dreams. My dad took melatonin during his divorce because he had trouble sleeping, but ended up having early morning nightmares about his soon-to-be-ex-wife trying to kill him and never touched sleeping pills again.

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