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beautiful busy day

I’ve been going-going-going most of the day. I got up and ate breakfast, took a little nap. Woke up and finished making Apple Crisp, and got ready. Headed over to mom and dad’s for a pastie dinner. Yummmmm! Hung out and chatted and played with Leah for a while before and after. Headed to Sunnyside church for a "pining" ceremony for the nurses in her class. Its like a dedication because since they’ve made it this far (almost done with 1st quarter of her junior year). The Sunnyside church is beautiful, and it was nice to go there again—last time I was there, I was performing with the chorale, a beautiful long Schubert.

So anyhow, the dedication ceremony went nicely, and the speaker was interesting, and they had refreshments afterwards :giggle: While we were over there, we went and got to see Megan’s dorm room, and I was glad to be able to finally see where she’s at most of the time! smile She has a totally comfy chair that I want. Its one of those round-framed chairs where you have to kind of lower yourself into it like you would a bean bag? They’ve got some special name, like papeya or popian or something. laughing

So its been a busy day. Gone for more hours than I usually leave the house for, and it has me kinda tired!


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