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So I really have been excited by my soaps for the last week or so. Dispute the fact that I slept through ATWT 1 1/2 times so far this week accidently. wink

ATWT: Allison is pregant. But is it really Chris' baby? No doubt it will have some rare blood type that causes suspense for some time to come. I really hope that Bailey Chase isn’t leaving the show, I *love* how he’s played the character. And besides that, what on earth is gonna happen with Dusty and Rose and Paul??!

GH: About a week ago, I told myself "I bet Carly’s gonna wake up and think that this alternate reality was real." That would serve Sonny right. LOL! Of course, when she was thinking she was in the future, I figured that wasn’t gonna happen. Oh man, I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!! Did anybody else notice that the girl who played the oldest daughter of Carly and Lorenzo looked quite a bit like Amber Tamblyn? And how is it that Lorenzo is all well again walking around in the police station to bail out Sage when he’s been limping around the hospital forever?

AMC: Oh man, Ryan saw Bianca’s ultrasound picture. This is gonna really stir up things! I’m so excited to see what will happen next with Kendall and Ryan. Poor Aiden that Kendall is probably gonna end up with Ryan after his last girlfriend did the same thing (back to Edmund). But too bad, I like K and R together! Did Tad and Boyd and Aiden bury Michael’s body in a dump? LOL!


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