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spiders, ick

I know, its halloween, and spiders are part of that, but do they have to show up in my vitamin bottle?

I went to take my vitamins this morning, and found a dead spider in one of the bottles. The top had fallen a week or so ago, and I hadn’t reached that far to put it back on, so it was my fault that he landed there, but STILL. That was nasty, and I wonder how many days he’s been in there that I’ve taken the vitamins out around him. ICK!!!!


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eeeek! bugs are so creepy. i’ll have to remember to check my vitamin bottle from now on smile

Ick! I’d probably end up throwing out that bottle, but that’s just because I’m a freak. Note to self: check all bottle caps frequently. laughingha ha!

Ewwwww... yikes ;)

Have a happy halloween Kristine!!!! pumpkin

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