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ca fires

Oh my goodness... California.TMOA2003299_lrg.jpg (JPEG Image, 1700x2200 pixels) - Scaled (32%) Check out all that smoke sad My in-laws live pretty close (south by less than 10 miles, I believe) to San Bernadino, not in the mountains, but they say that the smoke is really thick even down in the valley. His Aunt and cousins live in San Bernadino, and they can see houses that had been completely burned to the ground from their house. But its a blessing that they had recently moved - they were living in the mountains in Crestline a year or so ago. My prayers are with the people who have lost their homes, what an awful thing to go through.

more maps and stuff. Satallite map seen at Crystallyn’s.


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That’s scarier than the hurricane satellite photos. I ache for all those people too, it’s a horrible thing to have to start over.

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