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comment spammers run!

Yeah, you comment spammers get one last crazy day of spamming in... know that after tomorrow, we are fighting back! MT-Blacklist: Monday, hell or high water :: The Daily Journey :: JayAllen.org

between all the blogs I own or participate in, I had over 50 pieces of comment spam since last night. So until I can get them all cleaned up, don’t click any links that seem questionable ;)


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It’s amazing how many I’m getting now too. Did you see Scriptygoddesses post on it? I was wondering which approach you like. I wonder if renaming the comment file works.

Wow, there must be something somewhere that can be done to stop these spammers. This has gotten way out of hand already. Does anyone know if the suggested fixes work?

Thanks for the heads up and the link. I’m going to try to install it as soon as I can. Down with commment spammers!

Did you getmy e-mail about the spammers and your site? Just wanted to make sure you saw it - or the post in the Blogomania forums. Hopefully that will help too!

Yay. I’ve been deleting so much of that stuff lately.

I noticed this topic all over the place today. I’m going to have to do some reading tomorrow. smile

I’m pretty new to this blogging game and I’ve already had five. Any kind of solution would be welcome as far as I’m concerned!

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