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So I guess I haven’t written a nice long journal entry lately! I’m about to make up for it. smile

Friday afternoon, Megan came over and did laundry here—the dorms are charging a dollar a load for just the washing machine, and besides my washer/dryer is bigger and she could do all of her and her suite-mate’s laundry in two loads this way. (she doesn’t have a roommate on this campus, but her and a friend have adjoining rooms that are separated by a door.) So I stretched and read her textbooks while she studied here for a while. And then E came home and we all went to dinner with mom at Applebee’s. It was a nice evening.

I have a post brewing in my mind about the end of Port Charles on Friday.

Saturday, I rested for most of the day. I think I got in 4 naps. smile

Sunday, we celebrated my dad’s birthday, so I made a cake and we went and hung out with my family for the evening. Leah is growing and being so cute - she was "talking" to Eric for a while - she has several cute noises she can make and her mouth moves like she’s going to have a conversation. I just love her so much smile

In the last two weeks, I’ve had an awful problem with my head. I got a headache focused on my left side of my head that was just terrible, and that was followed by an earache, and the last few days, the teeth on that side of my mouth have been really sore. My jaw-popping from TMJ is back. Megan said to call the doctors office just to make sure that its not something serious, but I haven’t done that yet. I’m guessing that I had an ear infection and that spread further and it’ll go away eventually. But I suppose I should call. bah. I don’t want to have to deal with finding time to get in there for an appointment. Besides, its just about too much to handle standing up long enough to make dinner tonight. We’ll see.

I made homemade pizza for dinner tonight, but I ended up opening the wheat flour instead of white, and it wasn’t as good as normal. I guess I need to go through the cupboard and find where the normal flour is hiding - I have a feeling that its behind things in the very back corner. smile

tv The first two episodes of Stargate are on right now. I got to see Buffy’s The Gift (season finale of 5th season with Glory) and its one of the most powerful of the whole show, IMO - so I always have to watch. And then I think I’ll watch the 3rd episode of Las Vegas tonight. pretty entertaining stuff going on in my life, huh?! wink


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I have TMJ which makes me pop and makes my ears hurt too - I feel your pain, and it’s no fun! Take care of yourself! smile Hope it feels better SOON!

My headache occurs in the exact same place. Really hate to hear you are not feeling well, maybe you should give the doctor a call just to be sure. Either way, feel better soon! I’ll keep you in my prayers.

I hope you’re feeling better soon. Definitely take as many naps as you feel you need. The best thing you can do for yourself and for those who love you is to take care of yourself. smile

hope you feel better soon k! lots of activities this weekend, could that have contributed? or perhaps the change in weather, it is getting much cooler outside? who know . . . feel better soon! lollypopflowerfishy

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