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cookies expiring

I just don’t understand it. Cookies on my blog just aren’t being set with the right date/time. Even though all of the codes are adding one year to the current date to get the expiration date, its still coming up wrong (usually showing yesterdays date). So that’s probably why some of you were having problems with getting the "remember me" to work properly, and same for the skins. I went ahead and changed my code to be 730 days instead of 365, and that seems to be working to push it forward in time.

Let me know if you still see any problems! I’m gonna do a bit more research into this and see what else I can find out, but for now, it should be working.


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Hi Christine,

I set my skin to the simple grey one, and the only place I ever see it is on the individual entry page. The front page is still like the g is for gray, in silver. I’m using Safari on Mac OS 10.2.8.

...and previewing this comment is in the black and red kadyellebee template!

OK, and then -I- completely munged up your name. ACK. Sorry! I just wrote someone email who does spell her name "Christine".

(ps, now the individual entry page is in light green!)

I figured out the skins aren’t working for me because the skin is just being set for kadyellebee.com, not that plus www.kadyellebee.com

If you’re adding exactly one year from today, shouldn’t you have been adding 366 days?

2004 is a leap year, after all.

OK, based from Lynda’s suggestion, I changed my bookmark to read specifically kadyellebee.com instead of the www.kadyellebee.com and everything seems to be working fine now!

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