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today stuff.

I feel antsy. I don’t know if its because my deadline for my big client project is coming up so close, or if there’s something else going on in my body, but I’ve noticed myself feeling more restless and my legs are bouncing more. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that I had stopped taking my drugs, but nope, all accounted for. Hmm. I didn’t sleep so well last night, or at least not enough, so maybe its just tiredness kicking in from a busy weekend and then the last few evenings of working hard. I am looking forward to being my normal bloggy self when this project is on its way to completion smile I have 7-10 plugins waiting for me to add them to the directory, new stuff for this site, and a layout I’m working on for snap. But they’ve all been kinda waiting. I have movies to enter into collectics, too. smile

After a few games of spider in the middle of this post, I guess I’m gonna call it a night and hope for no more strange dreams tonight so I sleep better. smile


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Ahhh... big projects. That explains why I haven’t heard back from you on my e-mails! Hope you’re feeling less edgy tomorrow! smile

hope you had some nice sleep last night. happy wednesday!

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