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lotsa help

navigator, research, help desk extrodinaire..... That’s me. I’ve had 3 family members call me for different things today, and I’ve successfully helped them.

  1. Dad needed to know the Kelly Blue Book value for his car. Poor guy, he hit a SUV with his car (it has over 600k miles on it, and he’s always so proud of the amazing condition its in). Unfortunately, the blue book value is pretty low, especially in comparison with the amount to fix the hood, grill, and headlight. So he’s hoping his insurance won’t realize that when they look at the repairs.
  2. Mom needed to know where to go inside of Peachtree to reconcile bank statements. (she’s got 6 months worth now since the last batch I did, but I’m not gonna start doing them again. LOL!) No, not the report screen... laughing Catastrophe averted. ;)
  3. Megan needed to know where the nearest Bed, Bath, and Beyond was. I ran their store locator, and then directed her there... and got to chat with her all the way there. smile

Check it out, I’m a one-woman reference section! wink


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I frequently field questions from my family for the same types of things. It’s nice to feel needed, and they always seem so impressed that I’ve located the information they needed. smile

Nice to know I’m not alone in this role... LOL

P.S. your remember me isn’t working sad

Heh - you know they pay people to do that on Google Answers - you sound like you would be very good at it:

exactly! you are like calling "tell me". i can’t believe your dad’s car as 600,000 miles on it. i have never heard of a car like that EVER. he should give honda a call and see if they want to put it in a museum.

If that’s a 91, 92 or 93 Accord, I can understand why it lasted as long as it did. Seymour says it’s one of the best cars ever made, and people who bought them NEVER get rid of them because no one ever has any problems with them. It’s one of Seymours favorite cars—he says it’s an excellent commuting car. He’s not at all surprised that it has that many miles on it.

Unfortunately, when the insurance company does the appraisal, they’ll look at the mileage first, and that’s what will do your father in. sad

When my husband totaled his truck a year ago the blue book value was practically non-existant, but the insurance company gave us $3000 for it. So hopefully the insurance company will do something similar for your father.

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