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friday five: names

I had a bit of time this evening, and decided to play along with the friday five! smile

  • Is the name you have now the same name that’s on your birth certificate? If not, what’s changed? Yes, but with one extra name at the end. smile I kept my maiden name as my second middle name. If you noticed, my domain name is a play on my initials: about kadyellebee.
  • If you could change your name (first, middle and/or last), what would it be? I have always been proud of my name, I’m gonna keep it. Diane isn’t as interesting as some middle names, but its not bad.
  • Why were you named what you were? (Is there a story behind it? Who specifically was responsible for naming you?) My mom’s best friend in college was Kristine with a K, and went by Kris. My dad liked that name, and so I was named after her. I’ve always been kinda glad that they picked a more unique spelling for me.
  • Are there any names you really hate or love? What are they and why? I’ve been a big baby-book-girl for years now... I love names, and combining lovely combinations to make potential names for my kids. In fact, there’s a piece of paper floating around on my desk, and whenever I think of something cool, I write it down. I would need to have about 50 kids to use all of my names wink (which is somewhat of a joke in my family because when I was little and first learning my states (like 6ish), I told my mom I was gonna have 50 kids and name one after each state. laughing ) My favorite that I’ve had in mind for a long time is Lucy Claire Alexandria. I also really like Kaitlyn LeighAnne Elizabeth. LeighAnne is for my sisters - Megan’s middle name is Lee, and Lisa’s is Ann, and I’ve always liked the alternate spellings more.
  • Is the analysis of your name at kabalarians.com / triggur.org / astroexpert accurate? How or how isn’t it? I don’t think that the kabalarians site is the same every time, because I know I got a more accurate response before, but this one was totally off. Kristine means Fair Christian or Christ-bearer (Greek—Kristine with a K has aNorweigian background) and Diane is Divine Goddess or Celestial Hunter (Latin). I think that’s kinda a cool definition - a Christian Goddess. smile


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I love Lucy Claire Alexandria! What a pretty name! I’m definitely going to have to answer Friday 5 some time soon because I’m all name crazy. laughing

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