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not grumpy or happy

... I’m the other dwarf, Sneezy. My throat has felt a little tickley this week, but I’d been trying to just take some extra vitamin C and drink water. Today, I’m stuffy-headed and sneezy. The temperature dropped by at least 20° since last week, so it could be the cause; and Leah was sneezing on Sunday a lot, so maybe she had a bit of a bug that I picked up... since people with CFS have lowered immune systems (chronic fatigue IMMUNE dysfunction syndrome), I’m probably most likely to catch things. Leonard said that him and Sarah had been a bit sniffley the last few days, but Leah never got sick.

I don’t want to be sick—if I’m sick, I’m gonna miss out on seeing my family this weekend, because I’m not about to bring germs back to Leah. sad Its so weird, I usually feel bad because I just feel crappy, but this time, I feel bad because I don’t want to miss family stuff!

So I’ve had hot tea and toast, and lots of water, and tonight, I had blueberries for dinner (they have some special anti-oxidants in them, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try that!) I think I’m gonna do some looking to make sure nyquill won’t interfere with my other drugs, and take one of those tonight to try to knock it right out of my system. smile


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Eep! I hope you are feeling much better today!!! bug

Blueberries do have lots of antioxidants but they are also high in calories. Eat in moderation.

Aww. I hope you feel better soon. Being sick, especially when you have to miss out on fun, really blows. rainbow

I hope you’re feeling better soon so you can go see Leah and everyone else. I’ll send some quick-healing vibes your way. luvya

vitamin loading works for me.

maybe when you’re well, you could help me figure out why my "entries with most comments" won’t workconfused? You can thank the scripty goddess website for leading me to you.

take care.

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