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matthew news and 911

As if I wasn’t already sad and worried enough, I just realized that its almost Sept 11. How that couldn’t have hit me until I signed into a Wiki and saw the date stamp for the east coast, I don’t know. The tragedy of it still strikes me when I read anything about it.
My mom gave me some worrysome news about my brother today. Well, first, Megan called earlier to tell me that he had some seizures last night because he had given himself insulin and then not eaten and went to bed. Travis has been staying in an extra bed in M’s room, and he got up to smoke in the middle of the night, and when he came back, Matthew was having seizures. He woke everyone up, and they called an ambulance and it took 4 EMT, an IV, and a bunch of sugar to get his blood sugar back up. His blood sugar was at 27. I think normal is in the range of 100. So that was SERIOUSLY low, like if Travis hadn’t gotten up and seen him, it could have been life threatening. sad So mom was so worried about that. And then she found some bad things in the house. Lisa and Travis said they were theirs. Matthew originally denied it, and then finally admitted that he has been doing some bad stuff for several years now. I suspected it lately, but for years? No way. sad So I definitely don’t know the answer, and I don’t know what my parents are gonna do about this, but its worrysome all the way around. Send some prayers my family’s way, if you would. I know this is gonna be tough all the way around. I wish I could will away the tears.


I’m sending positive thoughts your way today... I hope everything is okay heart

I’m sending positive thoughts your way today... I hope everything is okay heart

You and your family are in my thoughts, Kristine! *hugs*

thinking of you kristine. hope things work out soon for the sibs.