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wonky internet

What is it with my internet today? I keep getting time out errors when surfing, but my cable modem isn’t blinking or anything... Its like there’s mass-traffic making everything slow, but on a friday afternoon? That seems odd.


(that’s all. :giggle: )


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I haven’t had that kind of problem anywhere except at my site off and on for the last few days. It’s frustrating, but I’m just ignoring it for now. ha ha!

I agree! I have had the same problems! Ugh! Did something really big happen that I am missing out on?laughing

I could be wrong, but I heard that one of those darn worms is set to do things every Friday and Saturday until a certain date. sigh sad

Same problem here in australia. My isp had a notice about a "carrier fault". I’m so glad it is working now, I was lost! tounge out:

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