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which celtic goddess

You are Blodeuwedd
Blodeuwedd is the flower maiden. Blodeuwedd means 'Flower Face'. According to the myths she was made by Gwydion to be Lleu’s wife. They took the blossoms of the oak, then the blossoms of the broom and of the meadow-sweet, and produced from them a maiden, the fairest and most graceful that man ever saw. When Math tempted her, she became an unfaithful wife, she was turned into an owl as punishment. You are perky and friendly, and innocently naive, which can get you into some sticky situations. Nevertheless, many enjoy to be in your presence.

What Celtic Goddess are You? (With pictures)
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Yes, the perky, friendly, and innocently naive fits smile

[thanks goes to my supplier of quizzes, Miss Zuly herself, goddess Arianrhod]

you are blodeuwedd


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Random drop in! Found you via "GeoURL." According to that, you’re less than a mile from me. ^_^

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