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What do you think? How do you navigate blogs? How do you create navigation on your own blog that makes sense to you? I was interested in reading the thoughts here: ASZ: BLADAM - Entry: "Those who can’t find history are doomed to get annoyed" - on Adam’s SmileZone. I left my comments there, but I’d be interested in seeing what other people think, so I’m posting this so I’ll remember to go back later smile


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You know what... I forgot about categories... I’m so used to greymatter but I’m being won over by Movabletype more and more everyday... I do get a lot of yahoo! & google searches and I guess it makes more sense now to categorise my posts & archives. Right now I only do monthly archives. Anything else is too much... I’m going to rethink this category thing and possibly give it a try.

I guess it really depends on which purpose the blog serves and whom you’re writing for. Personally I think of my blog/entries as pieces of scrap paper with various thoughts/ideas/things to remember written down and then thrown into a desk drawer. I don’t need to be able to navigate those thoughts and ideas in any particular order and really don’t care much about what other people do in that regards.

I usually navigate with newzcrawller but when I am super behind, like today i go to the site and cruise through the main page. that way i can catch up on everything i have missed without clicking on every single entry. i try to keep my navigation simple, although i have a long way to go. there are different "rules" for people who have a lot of entries on the main page like you k, and people who only have one like me. hmmm. i need to think about this some more. thanks! rainbow

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