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behind and anxious?

For some reason, I feel pretty anxious today. I slept longer than normal, and that made me miss the first of my soaps, which I was already behind on because of the blackout coverage from yesterday.

Then Megan called and wanted to talk about why I’m not doing physical therapy yet - she wasn’t understanding what I was saying about how outside activities are so taxing on me, and I wasn’t explaining very clearly since I just woke up. Leonard called and told me about tomorrow’s family dinner. What dessert goes good with Stir Fry? I think Leonard makes it more hawaiian than chinese because he puts pineapple in it, so if you have any suggestions for something for me to make or buy to go with dinner. Ya know what would be good would be some spring rolls to go along with it. I’d need 2-4 orders of them for everybody to have 1 or 2. That’s probably do-able. I’ll call Leonard and see if that’s something he wants us to pick up.

Just writing and being quiet and breathing actually is making me feel better than I was 30 minutes ago. I’m gonna keep breathing and calmly make it through some of my email, and then take a walk to the mailbox in my new shoes. No stress, breathe in, breathe out. Turn the fan on above my face. Watch the rest of AMC. Maybe even light a candle in here.


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kings hawaiian bread may be a good go-along thingy

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