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good eats

I just can’t help it. I simply adore the Food Network’s Good Eats show. I can’t forget the tips that Alton gives because he shares them in such a unique way. I mean, I don’t think I can make another omelet without thinking of his french omelet tips. Last night, he actually made a cake and then used a turned on record player to frost it! smile

I really need to remember to turn him on Wednesday nights at 9. lollypop


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Oh yes, Alton definitely rocks. You should try his buttermilk pancakes. mmmm! I actually have my edited recipe up on a static page here in case you want the recipe with my added suggestions...

We got ourselves Alton’s book, "I’m Just Here for the Food" which is full of tips and recipes. I like to call it the "new bible" because Sim has to consult it every time he cooks. tounge out:

he lives close to me. when he goes to a store we try to see if it’s one of the ones we shop at.

Wow, I thought my husband and I were the only ones in the planet who watched his show. I remember watching his show on apples, and how he made making applesauce look like a current event. I will have to check his book out, but after I buy Rachel Ray’s 30-minute meals dvds. tv

I usually forget to watch Alton on Wednesdays, but when I remember, I’m always glad that I did. I really like him. Oliver’s Twist comes on right after Alton’s show on Wednesdays, and I like it too.

He’s definitely one of my favorite personalities on The Food Network. We used to watch him all the time, but then it seemed all we saw were reruns. tv

I watched that last night for the first time. I think I like it. He kind of reminds me of Bill Nye "The Science Guy", except in the kitchen. Pretty cool. I’ll definitely watch again. laughing

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