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paige showing skin

Trading Spaces Controversy: New York Post

PAIGE Davis, the perky host of TLC’s hit home-decorating show "Trading Spaces," has embarrassed her bosses by showing too much skin in next week’s TV Guide. Sources say after Davis agreed to be photographed swaddled in nothing but two strips of wallpaper, a TLC staffer called the magazine’s photo department and asked them to run another shot, citing the no-nudity clause in Davis' TLC contract.

You can see the actual picture they ran on the sidebar of TVGuide’s article about TS.


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I don’t see what the big deal is. She often isn’t wearing much more than that when she’s doing the show. Psh.

They must have used a different picture, because she’s definitely not wearing wallpaper in that one. Or is wearing a tank top also considered nudity? tounge out:

I don’t really like that picture of her, though - she’s too bony.

If I had that tummy, I’d take pics in wallpaper too! blush Just grumpy ppl needing things to be grumpy about. Big dummies. Paige is super!

The wallpaper picture is shown in the NY Post article. It does seem like TV Guide changed its pic for the website at least.

She is covered as much as most of my students are when they come to class even in the wallpaper pic, so I don’t see why that picture is such a big deal. Most people wearing a tanktop and shorts show that much skin. I certainly wouldn’t have thought it would violate a nudity clause, and I’m sure she didn’t either.

can anyone send a link of the picture?


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