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portland news

kgw.com | Portland | Local News

Much of Oregon experienced record heat on Tuesday with afternoon temperatures soaring into the triple digits, making it the hottest day of the year thus far for many communities. At 5 p.m., Portland became at least the tenth city in the state to hit or surpass the 100-degree mark. Portland’s official high of 100 at PDX Airport broke the record high of 99 for the date set in 1990.

No wonder I’m so f*ing hot. Ugh, I thought I was just imagining it, and since I had my Weather bug off while playing Rise Of Nations, I didn’t even realize it was 99°. NO WONDER!

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The real reason I was checking the local news was because I heard them say something about Krispy Kreme when talking about this mornings news. Wow! I didn’t even realize it, but our first KK opened today!
Clackamas Krispy Kreme opens to long lines

The kraze came to Oregon early Tuesday morning, when a neon sign flashed the long-awaited "Hot now" and the state’s first Krispy Kreme doughnut outlet opened its doors.

Its 20 minutes away, but E works all over the city, so maybe I’ll luck out one of these days and get donuts. Fresh, hot donuts. <homer simpson voice>Mmmmm, donuts </gurgle-drool>

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Krispy Kreme’s 1st WA location opened up to long lines too, people go crazy! They have people directing traffic and everything. laughing Now there’s 3 locations so the craze died down.

I noticed that Weatherbug now comes with GAIN. Have you gotten rid of it? I had it on my work computer at my last job (the one I lost back in September) and loved it, but that was one of the original versions and it didn’t come bundled with crap. My girlfriend installed it onto her work computer, and even though I’ve tried the various methods out there to get rid of it, GAIN still hangs around. Any ideas?

We broke a record with 98 degrees here in Tacoma, WA. It is currently 90 in my house according ot my thermostat. I think I am going to melt. I pray for cooler temps soon. OIY! wink

I stopped by the Krispy Kreme store two nights ago. MMMmmmm. I’ve been eating way too many of those things lately. We go through about a dozen a week in my house. Yeah, you can tell we’re big healthfood nuts ;)

Well it’s about damn time OR got one of those! LOL! Hopefully this means they’ll build one down my way next. If not, I guess I’ll just have to come to Portland, get my Krispy Kreme, and visit you all at the same time. wink

And ugh. The heat has definitely been horrible lately. We hit 105 yesterday. 108 is the record which was set back in 98.

Mmmmmmm...Krispy Kreme! blush

Driving around Portland Tuesday, I got 107 on my car themometer. I would have discounted it except the bank sign said 106. That’s really, really hot for Portland.

kiss yummy kk are so yummy fresh warm donuts now i am so hungry heart tounge out:

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