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I must go to bed. things are starting to swirl in front of my eyes.

Tomorrow, we are having lunch or dinner with my family, but I don’t know which. If its lunch, I won’t be up for very long before leaving. laughing I get to see Leah (and everybody) smile That makes me very happy!

I had such a nice evening with Brandy and Melissa. I kept their comment boxes full of silly things for at least a little while of the evening, and that makes me smile to know that I helped smile love you girls!!!

Words are taking considerably longer to come out of my brain, so I have a feeling my drugs are kicking in. Good night, all! smile


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May I just say, WOW. I came upon your site by accident via the (old) link: love-productions.com/hopelessromantics/. I had linked to you for some reason and clicked to revisit. How happy I am that I did! Your site is fun and super interesting. I shall indeed have to return. smile

Me too, everything’s getting blurry but I’m not off to bed yet. Good night, or good morning. blush

Thank you for your comments! You definitely helped my night go faster. smile

luvya kiss

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