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what goddess are you?

In honor of the goddess project, and inspired by Gina’s What is a goddess to me? post, here’s some "What Goddess Are You" quizzes.

What Goddess Are You at Bella Online says I’m Demeter:

Demeter is a mother figure, one of the most "reachable" goddesses. She is a goddess of fertility and crops, associated with grain and bread.

Demeter is strong and loving, willing to do what has to be done in order to protect her loved ones.

Which Greek Goddess Are You says I’m Hestia, goddess of Hearth and Home.

Hestia was the sweet Goddess of the Hearth. She never married, but only because too many people liked her and she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. She was the most gentle of the Greek pantheon, and she was way cool. Like her, you make the people around you feel content and loved.

Which Goddess Are You at iVilliage says I tied between Demeter and Hestia. smile

If you embody the qualities of Hestia, you understand the value of having your own sacred place, whether it’s an actual room or simply a time of day when you free your mind of busy thoughts and experience peace. While home is your sanctuary, you are at home with yourself wherever you are and no matter who you are with. You know that the meaning of your life springs from your spiritual center. This brings you a great sense of security. You do not crave attention or material possessions; you nurture your friends and family with your unconditional love.

If you fit the Demeter archetype, you are a nurturer and caretaker. You have a generous heart and enjoy extending your love to others. You are motivated by the most powerful of instincts—to give life—and selflessly devote yourself to the life you create. You feel compelled to care for all those around you, even if they are not your own children. In short, you feel the need to be all things to all people, and therefore, your own needs sometimes go unmet. You must learn to say no, and apply Artemis’s sense of boundaries and Aphrodite’s ability to put herself first. That way, you can give to others from an overflowing rather than a half-full cup.

So somehow, I thought I was gonna end up as Artemis. But Hestia and Demeter fit much better. smile


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Hee, I took the Greek Goddess test last year - I was Aphrodite. kiss

I took all those quizzes and a bunch more...I got Athena on everyone of them...I got 2like...46% Athena 34% Artemis and 20% Hestia on one though....0% on Hera Aphrodite and Demeter. ha ha!ribbon

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