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My skins keep resetting themselves... I know somebody was having that problem (maybe Christine ?) but I hadn’t seen it until now. Hmmm, I thiink I’ll have to do some searching to try and fix it! So don’t mind me if you come to visit and my skins are all screwy wink Its probably just me playing!!


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I know I’m having that problem and have mentioned it before.

I was having that problem for a while, too. Every time I’d visit, I’d get bumped back to the story skin. I’d reset to G is for gray, and everything was fine - it even remembered I’m using the Girly color scheme. It seems to be okay for me now, though; the skin sticks! rainbow

Right now I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my skins in Mozilla and Netscape 7. My mother complained about it and she hates IE, so I’m hoping to figure out what the problem is. (I don’t like having a browser-specific website, anyway.)

looks fine to me!

I have problems with some skins locking up my computer (IE6, Win98 - not by choice!). Brenna’s lock it up too, and I think Mark Pilgrim’s do also. I haven’t tried them in awhile because I hate rebooting. I use your really basic skin at work, and it’s been behaving for me!

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