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so hot

I am so hot. It never cool down enough to make the house loose its heat from yesterday, so its trapped up here, blowing around hot air. Its only 91°, but it feels a whole lot hotter. I’m sweating out the liquids I’m drinking so fast that I can’t barely keep up! Its not cool that the heat is making me feel weaker than my normal weak cfs-body feelings!!!!! sun Can somebody tell God to turn down the temperature over here?!!


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Tell me about it! It’s 91 here which makes me think, "Wow! It’s cool outside!" sun Ah, Texas in the summer!

sad It is about 92 here in Tacoma today...I am melting from the heat. I agree..the house never had a chance to cool down much here either. It is misery with only 2 fans.

how about over the whole east coast?? or at least bless us all with central air!

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