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My day was odd. oddly annoying for some of it.

My dad called at 10 and woke me up, but I didn’t tell him because I knew he’d feel bad. He told me about his Michigan trip and all the fun things they’d seen (yummm, Strawberry Malts in Grand Haven, I want one!)

So then I went back to bed, and had a hard time falling asleep, but finally did until 12 something. I jumped in the shower, because I had groceries coming. Still feeling worn out, so I rested on the couch until Port Charles was over.

The groceries were supposed to be here between 1 and 3, so I headed downstairs around 1ish to straighten up the kitchen. Cleaned off all the counters and the table, they are all shiny now. I can’t hear the doorbell or knocking barely at all from my office room, especially now with the fans going. (its still 72° at 1:45am, its been hot!) So I really have to stay downstairs if I want groceries.

Lisa showed up to bring me some more money for my her car. That was a nice surprise. She made sure to let me know what she wanted for her birthday (Aug 2), and we chatted for a few minutes. I could here the music from her car stereo, so I’m assuming Travis was in there waiting for her.

Sat on the couch and did a variety of stretch/exercises while watching soaps.

Waiting, waiting for the safeway guy. Watched soaps, and while I was waiting, I was getting this anxious feeling in my tummy. Frickin' A, he didn’t show up until 2:50. So I was hungry by this time, as I was waiting for my groceries to get here before eating. By the time I put most of them away, I was hungry and grumpy, and it was the stupid safeway guy who stands there and watches while I carry the bags in instead of helping. Freak.

I had a small bowl of cereal because it was so close to dinner time and I didn’t want to completely ruin my appetite. Then I climbed into bed and rested for a while, with my newest book.

So I didn’t barely get to be on my computer all day. That’s frustrating! But I do have groceries.

I worked on mt-plugins stuff for much of the evening. Added a few plugins (note to self: send out notify email!), and replied to a pile of bug reports about the plugin manager so that when David gets back, it won’t be a huge mess.

See, kinda an odd day, wasn’t it? I hope tomorrow is more normal.


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I seriously owe you an e-mail. Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you! smile

Kristine, I’m sorry that you felt worn out. sad I hope that you feel better soon. Groceries delivered to you ... ahhh, that would be WONDERFUL!!! I wish that our area would get something like that. Hey, I have a question for you ... I want to do something on my blog like what you have, the "Total Comments" thing ... to show which people have the most comments ... I’ve searched the MT Forums with no luck, and I was just wondering ... how do you do that? Do you have a URL that I can check out? Just when you get time, let me know ... Thanks! smile

I hope the oddness ends and you have a great weekend!

Bah! That doesn’t sound like much fun at all! Hope today was better and you have a fabulous weekend!

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