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vegetarian friendly cities

PETA has a feature article on the top ten vegetarian cities in the U.S. And surprise, Portland is up at number 4! I’ve never eaten at any of the restaurants they list, but we do find quite a few options in the area for E’s vegetarian-ness!! smile

[seen at voisen.org]


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This is a great feature, thanks for posting the link! I didn’t really expect DC would be listed, but I do go to NYC very frequently and they’re #3 on the list. I guess I’m lucky DC isn’t considered one of the worst cities for vegetarians!

Wow. Cool. Thanks for the link. I’ll have to figure out where Detroit is. Somehow I really don’t think it’s in the Top 10. And if it is, then I must be looking in all the wrong places... smile

Wow - I would have thought the whole top 10 would be in Californiasmile

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