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asst stuff

One of the best advantages of finally having good speakers on my desk is that I can feel the base. I have a sub-woofer under my desk, and so my feet get little vibrations. On the especially good songs, this gives me goosebumps!

[Listening to: Tara MacLean - Divided :Passenger:]

I added a few more albums to my current mix, and I think it will keep me happy for quite a while. Of course, I won’t be able to hear E when he comes home, but sometimes, pumping up the music makes the day all the better smile

I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday. I slept better, and the headache has faded. I am clean and made it to the mailbox, and did 20 minutes of stretching exercises during AMC (my heart is breaking for Bianca - Eden Riegel is doing an amazing job in this new storyline). I’ve added a few mini situps to my stretching routine - I can’t do full situps, it hurts my back way too much, but if I do baby ones, only lifting my shoulders up a little bit, I can feel it in my tummy muscles a bit. Mostly I’m doing sitting stretches and floor exercises, with a few good stretches up against the wall to get my back and shoulder muscles worked. So far, I’ve been more consistent about a specific time period this week (although I’ve been doing ~10 minutes a day for a few weeks), and it seems like a good thing. I’m finding that getting up from off the floor is getting easier, so maybe my knees are getting stronger.

[Listening to: Michelle Branch - Branch, Michelle - Goodbye to (3:59) ::The Spirit Room::]
this isn’t the album version, its an acoustic version. my favorite version is the one that she did on Buffy for the Tabula Rosa episode!

I sorted through my pile of books so I can write about the ones I’ve read in the last few weeks! Somehow, I spent more time reading than writing about my reading lately.

Besides all that, I didn’t accomplish so much today. I tried for a while on my email, but haven’t gotten very far. Maybe I’ll try again now!

[Listening to:Evanescence - Imaginary (4:17) ::::]

E’s home. Our daily ritual is for him to change into more comfy clothes and then lay in bed and chat about our day. Its nice. smile I like him wink


I mentioned your post to A last night, and I’ll repeat to you what I said to him... You are so cute girlie. "It’s nice. I like him." put a big grin on my face. It totally sounds like something I would say. smile


hehe I agree with Melissa... coming home and putting on comfy clothes and chatting about your day with the woman that you love sounds truley wonderful.