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outta the house!

I made it out of the house today! Its a first in a while at least. E took me to Olive Garden and it was a delightful dinner and good times. kiss And my hair looked sexy, too ;) I love it when that happens!!

Besides that, just working away on all my projects, watching my soaps, more projects, napping, and stretching in between. I’m still quite behind on my email. And I’m hopelessly behind on my blog reads. Tomorrow is a new day, though, and maybe it’ll be more productive.

I think I want to make a cake with red white and blue for friday’s family get-together. I’m almost thinking that I’d like to do a cake with jello colors (ya know, where you poke a toothpick down and put jello in the hole? I think they have another name than jello cake) in it; red and blue in a white cake. I wonder if I could paint fireworks on the top with foodcoloring and frosting... that would be fun! smile I think I’ll browse all recipes tomorrow and see what I can find smile Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


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Those cakes are so good! I’ve seen a bunch of recipes for them at allrecipes—just do a search for "poke cake" and you’ll come up with a bunch. smile

I’ve never heard of a cake like that, but now I’m going to have to go exploring. smile Matt has a game this weekend, and I always try to send along some food goodies with him because none of the guys in his gaming group get homecooked food unless I provide it. I like the chance to cook for more than just me and Matt.

YUM! Olive Garden! I haven’t been there in so long...gonna have to make it a point next time I’m in Peoria! wink

You know... I’ve seen the cake before ( http://holiday.allrecipes.com/az/ptriticpkck.asp ), but I never knew how they did it. That’s cool. I bet it helps keep it moist too. smile

I’m pretty sure that life doesn’t get any better than sexy hair and dinner at Olive Garden with your soulmate... you lucky girl. wink

sure does! glad you had a good dinner. sounds like all in all a good day.

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