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good music and sleep

Well, if I’m gonna be awake, I might as well listen to good music. Quietly, of course, as to not disturb E’s sleep!

Its not really insomnia, just a shifting of my sleep schedule. I’m more alert and alive from mid afternoon till midnight. So I’ve been sleeping all morning, and that makes me tend to not be sleepy enough to fall asleep. Its really odd, since I’ve always been a morning person.

But I think I’m gonna go try and sleep - I don’t think I can take loosing one more game of Spider Solitaire wink


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I’ve always been a night owl myself. laughing

I writing this to you because you are on my recip roll
I’ve moved my blog
please update your links - my new blog URL is http://www.simplygirly.net/ my old one was http://www.beautiful-friend.net/
you can either use Ruthie or simplygirly.net when naming my blog
thanks so much

Hey, Kristine! Just wanted to say hi. My mom is *totally* addicted to Spider Solitaire! computer She loves it. I like it, too, but not as much as she does! Hope you had a good weekend ... I just changed around my blog layout because some people were having trouble reading it. Take care! flower

I’m the same way. I really kick into gear in the afternoon and evening, whereas A has to stick to a more strict time schedule because of his job. It sure makes things interesting. ;)

I just got spider solitaire. So far, I suck at it. LOL But I’ve been concentrating more on my mah jongg skills than anything. Remember when we played the GH soap couple one? It was, gosh, so long ago. LOL Now I play (with? ) JC every night. wink

My favorite sleepy music.... Opeth, Winds, Anathema

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