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speedy fingers

I swear, I’m typing faster these days. My keyboard is paying for it - the shift key on the left side is getting a bit sticky feeling, like it doesn’t want to press as easy. The keyboard is only a year old, but I guess I have a lot lot lot of days of typing on it ;) Oh, and the left shift key is what I use for < brackets > so that’s undoubtedly why its sore! I do really like this keyboard, though, so if I do end up needing a new one in the next few months, I’ll definately stick with Logitech smile

Sometimes, by the end of the evening, I have a hard time typing the extended characters - like I hit 3 keys and backspace before I get the equals sign or the square brackets. My fingers get tired!


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Logitech makes good keyboards. Both A and I have one. Something you might try is, popping off the Shift key and cleaning out the crap underneath with a Q Tip and some alcohol. It won’t be cake to put the keycap back on, because they use these wire things, but I’m sure you can do it, and I’m sure it will help! smile

i am losing the n on my keyboard. don’t really know why.

Me too am been typing a lot since I got my blog.laughing

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