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and today

So didcha notice that my site was missing for a while? My server moved on thursday or friday, and that server was bad, so we got moved again.

Unfortunately, some stuff got screwed up in the process so I was down in the process. And I wasn’t observant enough on friday to notice that Blogstyles was down since the first move. I *think* everything is back to normal now. I didn’t get much mail from today, so I’m hoping its just waiting in a queue somewhere to try again.

Unfortuantely, I’ve been feeling pretty crummy today. Yesterday, I had sneezes and head congestion. And then I was so worried about Leah and cried for a while, and that didn’t help. Then woke up with bad back pains. So I napped for much of the morning, and then spent a while more time in bed this afternoon instead of going to the hospital to see Leah. I put one of the thermacare heat pads on my back, and its amazing how much help its been. (although its 77° right now, and so I’m feeling a bit warm laughing )

So the update from the hospital is that Leah has had more seizures even with the anti-seizure meds, but they are treating her for possible viral/bacterial infection, and the blood cultures testing for that will be back tomorrow. So if all goes well, she’ll get to go home tomorrow night. I’m guessing she’ll be on anti-seizure meds for a while, but I don’t konw that for sure.

E went and saw her in the nursery, and got to hold her for a while. I wish I could have been there to see smile

So now I need to catch up on some things, but no sitting up for too long.

That’s the story, and now you know. smile


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Sorry about all of the ick going on for you right now! I missed you and your blog yesterday. I hope you feel better today as does Leah.

I missed you yesterday! Hope Leah is doing better now.

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