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When E got home, we laid in bed talking about dinner. Read some cooking mags trying to decide what to make for dinner. But it was so hot that I just didn’t seem to come up with anything I really wanted to eat... So the phone rings and its Megan, and she made it home from school—she has to go back for some tests next wednesday, but she’s home for the long weekend and Matthew’s graduation (8th grade) on monday. She said dad was starting up the grill to make hamburgers, and that sounded SO wonderful to me, so we invited ourselves over. It was so yummy. And plus, they have A/C, so we got to cool off for a while. It was 95° here today, which means it was at least 100 in the upstairs. I’m just dying here, so hot, and sweating up a storm.

Matthew had to have a poster of his pictures as a kid, so we pulled out his pictures and picked some out. That was a lot of fun, too.

Finally, we came home and made it home just a few minutes after 9, and I opened my blog, and saw that Robyn had posted about the MTV Movie awards. Ahhh, so I turned them on and just finished that - what fun smile I like watching the show and seeing the stars!

I didn’t get much email answered today, but I did get mt-plugins updated (and need to send out an announcement email still, and finish writing up a few more things for someone special willing to help me out wink )

So now you know. If I don’t post tomorrow, its probably because I melted. laughing


Sometimes I wish I lived in the same city as my family so I could do that once in a while. Getting a home-cooked meal without having to cook it yourself is always nice. I even found myself hoping my in-laws would move back here when my father-in-law was offered a job a month ago, but they decided against it.

It sounds like the whole PNW is getting hit with scorching weather... it was just as hot here in Vancouver (BC) today.

Oh shoot, I missed the MTV movie awards, I love watching them! Good thing they’ll be on a million more times I bet. laughing I think I must’ve been watching CSI Las Vegas (my fav).

Here’s an addition for mt-plugins: RemovePings wink wink

Oh, thanks B - I had that one marked as unread to go back and add, and somehow I missed it when I was adding last night smile

The awards were funny smile I love the movie spoofs smile Isn’t this weather extreme? ;)