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weekly wrapup

I’m really been enjoying doing the Weekly Wrapup because it gives me a chance to write a bit more. And having writing time is probably a good thing. smile

And I see now that I didn’t post this over the weekend when I wrote it, so I’ll do that now!!

  1. Do you like summer? Why or why not? I like Spring better. Summer is too hot a lot of the time. I’m not a big sun-goddess, so summer activities aren’t as exciting to me as some - I do like the sunshine, I just don’t sunbathe or try to tan, and my light sensativity is a detrimite! But I do like having my siblings home from school, and summer family meals.
  2. What is your favorite summer activity? Why? Family dinners with yummy food on the grill. It feels so happy and even cheerier than normal because of the sun and warmth.
  3. What is your favorite summer destination? Why? The ocean. We haven’t been for a while, but its not too hot, and its not too cold, and the sand feels good between my toes.
  4. What are your summer plans for 2003? I don’t have any yet. I’d like to be able to send E down to CA for a long weekend to see his friends. Megan will be home for the summer, and that will be nice.
  5. Would you be in favor of rotating long breaks for school-aged kids so that there aren’t as many out at the same time during summer? Why or why not? Can you imagine the nightmare it would be if you had more than one kid in school and the rotations didn’t match? I have friends who work, and the summer is hard for them because they have to figure out a solution for the kids while they are working. That being said, Washougal schools are on a year-round schedule, and that’s not too bad - they get more time off at Christmas and Spring break, and not as much at the summer to divide it up a bit more. I’d say that’s not too bad of a plan.


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