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stuff n things

Ummm, yeah.

My MIL is here, and we went to dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory (because then when the placemats get updated, she’ll be able to point at the Vancouver one and say "I’ve been there!" wink ). We had fun chatting and catching up.

So I tried to go to bed early, I laid in bed and read for a while, but it just wasn’t working. Well, duh, I finally realized I hadn’t taken my drugs before bed. Now that they are taken, I’ll try again in a little while. I have a tummy ache, I’m hoping that its nothing and will go away quickly. smile

I didn’t spend much time at the computer today, so I’m catching up on my fav reads while I wait for the drugs to kick in smile That’s the story, and now you know wink


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Old Spaghetti Factorys are awesome! They have one in downtown St. Louis and when we go there over labor day weekend, I hope to go there! YUM! heart

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