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icky dreams

I had some very violence-filled dreams last night. I’ve felt freaked out ever since, which isn’t exactly what I need to keep me calm in preparation for my Mother In Law’s visit!

But I did some (digital) painting this morning, and I am *so* happy with how the picture turned out (I’ll share later). I’m putting it in a frame and putting it on the mantle, I believe smile woo! finally, decorations!


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even when the mother-in-law is a good thing, their visit must be sprinkled with moments of stereotypical m-i-l b-tch love. Tomorrow morning I am going to be waving goodbye smiling ear to ear. I love her, but I love her even more half way across the country.

can’t wait to see them! deep breaths . . . i followed your comments tutorial and it worked magnificently! you rock my socks!

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