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Home Schooling In Cyberspace

Home Schooling In Cyberspace

The NY Times is running an article about how many parents who want to home school their children are, instead, signing them up for online charter schools, that take them through the standard learning process.

This is actually a cool thing... One of the things that I didn’t like about home schooling was that my mom really didn’t know what the curriculum *should be* for various years of school. This let me be able to excel in some areas that I enjoyed, but she didn’t push the subjects that I didn’t enjoy as much. I mean, hello, when I was 12, there were 3 kids besides me being home schooled and a brand new baby. So I think that an online charter school might be the way to go for parents who don’t have elementry ed background or a lot of interest in curriculum. its definately something I would keep in mind as an option smile
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I am actually thinking about that for my son. I homeschooled him for kindergarten and now i’m looking into The Jubilee Academy and The Grace Academy for first grade. It sounds really helpful in other ways too. They help you fill out the paper work needed for your state (I"m in MA. so I need to send a letter of intent to homeschool) That is what I like about it the most.. The Julilee Academy is cheeper than most, but it comes with lots of parent teacher interaction and help. smile

That’s really cool. I totally want to homeschool when I have kids, unfortunately it probably won’t be possible. I doubt I’d use one of those though, since I’d want to unschool.

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