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geeky pleasures

It makes me smile so much when I figure out something code-y that I didn’t know how to do :giggle:

I made Blogstyles have color options, so that people can click Yellows and see all of the templates that have a yellow stylesheet available (with little boxes that have the actual background color, too)! Tee hee!

yes, I’m a geek! laughing


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I know exactly how you feel lol. I just started using MT 5 days ago!! It’s pretty cool when you try something and you figure it out! bug

Oh wow, that is so cool! Fun fun fun, the new styles look great!sock

Way cool! I’ll have to play with that! Isn’t it great when you figure something like that out?!?! wink

I checked this out last night (I’m horribly behind), it’s cool! I loved that you could select "Blue" and see all the blues with a small thumbnail of the color. Good job! laughing


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