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sign of good tomorrow

My horoscope for tomorrow:

You’re on the home stretch now, KRISTINE! Kiss your worries good-bye. Your efforts at work pay off in spades, as people listen to your advice and bend over backward to try and please you. Although certain details in your love life still need to be ironed out, it’s safe to coast for a while. You’ve spent months in this process of self-transformation, and you deserve a little rest

Woo! rainbow cherries bug That sounds good, doesn’t it? smile
I’m off to sleep, so when I wake up, I’ll be worry free, according to this! sleep good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite bug


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Well, it’s definitely right about you deserving a rest! smile I’m going to have to go look at my horoscope now. If it says something horrible, then I’m blaming you for making me look at it. winklaughing

Well, it’s definitely right about you deserving a rest! luvya

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that DOES sound fabulous! hope it all comes true, you deserve it! flower